Human Factors, Travel Behavior Virtual room 3 Presentation
Nov 03, 2020 08:45 AM - Mar 01, 2021 09:45 AM(Europe/Amsterdam)
20201103T0845 20201103T0945 Europe/Amsterdam S1-1.3 - Human Factors, Travel behavior Virtual room 3 IEEE- Forum ISTS2020
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Human-Machine Interfaces in Automated Driving Systems: Using a systematic review to find we’re not at all behind on schedule Watch Recording 0
08:45 AM - 09:05 AM (Europe/Amsterdam) 2020/11/03 07:45:00 UTC - 2021/03/01 08:05:00 UTC
Daniel Heikoop
Delft University Of Technology
Trust and Perceived Safety in Automated Driving – a Conceptual Model Watch Recording 0
09:05 AM - 09:25 AM (Europe/Amsterdam) 2020/11/03 08:05:00 UTC - 2021/03/01 08:25:00 UTC
In this talk, we will introduce a conceptual model on trust and perceived risk in automated driving. We will motivate the need for this model, and provide some insights in how we plan to move from a conceptual model to a computational model.
Presenters Jork Stapel
TU Delft 3ME
Sina Nordhoff
TU Delft
Xiaolin He
TU Delft
Meng Wang
TU Delft
Riender Happee
TU Delft
Delft University of Technology
TU Delft 3ME
 Raphael Hoerler
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
 Mirko Giagnorio
Sapienza Univesity of Rome
 Roozbeh Mohammadi
Aalto university
Mr. Narith Saum
Hokkaido University
Research Coordinator
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - Transport Research Center
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