Attendee instructions

Most of what you can do in Dryfta is quite intuitive but we would like to explain how each session should be handled:

  • ·The videos on a session are only available 5 minutes before the session starts;
  • ·In the program, you can find a button next to the session that says:Check-in (), use it to check-in into the session. When entering the session this has unlocked a red button next to each presentation that reads like: "Watch Live" (). This allows you to play the recorded videos (you can also check-in inside the session and in that case, the button is called: add to waitlist ).
  • Each session has a moderator who will be responsible to start the Q&A after watching each video presentation within the designated time slot. This will be done in the chat but there is a live Q&A option () that if most people can use in their browsers then it's preferable because it is a video/audio chat tool embedded in the Dryfta system. If you can't access it please pose your questions through the chat. As a presenter you will be answering questions there as well, even if only after the session. The moderator will write in the chat if the live Q&A is successful and if people should transfer there.
  • Be sure to have a good internet connection. The system works best with Google Chrome so it has not been tested with other browser systems.
  • A few events are live sessions (workshops and keynotes) whose difference is that there is no pre-recording of the presentation. It will happen live. In those sessions, Zoom is the platform, but you also access this through the Dryfta system.
  • If you haven't done so please upload your picture so that it helps people identifying you in the discussions, you can do this very easily in Dryfta:
  • We urge you to be active in the conference even if this is an online conference. Come to the meetings, watch fully each video according to the times, and interact with the other attendees when it's time for Q&A in the chat or the live Q&A.
  • You have received a separate email over the weekend about the social program. We are very excited about this as well. See what you want to attend. In the first coffee break today there will be a representative of the social program committee explaining those activities again. For being able to be part of some of these activities you must enable messages in the lower right corner of Dryfta:
  • If you are having problems please let us know by

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