Moderator instructions

Dear moderators of the sessions at the IEEE Forum ISTS 2020,

First of all, thank you very much for helping us in managing the session(s) at the Forum. Your help is invaluable to make this a successful conference.

Most of what you can do in Dryfta is quite intuitive but we would like to explain how you will moderate and chair the sessions:

  • The videos on a session are only available 5 minutes before the session starts;
  • In the program, you can find a button next to the session that says: Check-in (), use it to check-in into the session. When entering the session this has unlocked a red button next to each presentation that reads like: "Watch Live" (). This allows you to play the recorded videos (you can also check-in inside the session and in that case, the button is called: add to waitlist ).

  • In each session that you are the moderator, you will be responsible to start what is called the Q&A which is the chat box in the session.

  • You will also have an option to start a live Q&A  () that it's like a virtual meeting tool embedded in the Dryfta system. Some people (including you) may have  a problem with using this if the browser or the computer are not compatible. If you can start it, use it, and be sure to say in the chat that you are there.
  • When you enter in your session with advise you to start watching the first presentation as the session starts and leaving a message in the chat saying "Please watch the first presentation hat's what I'm doing", you can also say the name of the presentation and the authors. Once that is over (you have fully watched the presentation) you can ask in the chat if there are questions for the authors so that a dialog is established. If you have been able to enter in the Live Q&A ask the other people to join yo there. If someone is not able tell them to ask the question in the chat and that the auhtors will answer to them there.
  • Try to have a question for each presentation.
  • You will do this until it's time to start the viewing of the next presentation. You then say: "let's all watch the second presentation", or something similar.
  • Once the time is over you say goodbye to all the participants. The chat stays active there.
  • Each session has a moderator who will be responsible to start the Q&A after watching each video presentation within the designated time slot. This will be done in the chat but there is a live Q&A option  

    that if most people can use in their browsers then it's preferable because it is a video/audio chat tool embedded in the Dryfta system....

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